TournamentLamade Stadium, Home of the Little League Baseball® World Series, Gets Fresh Look

October 9, 2018

For the first time in nearly a decade, the playing field at the iconic Howard J. Lamade Stadium, home of the Little League Baseball® World Series each August, received a full resurfacing this off-season.

“Each year, our fields receive natural wear and tear beneath the surface that may not be visible to those watching from the stands or at home, and this year, Lamade Stadium’s field had an invasive species (annual bluegrass) invade much of the outfield grass which made it necessary for us to renovate the playing surface,” said Rob Guthrie, Little League® International Turf and Groundskeeper. “To ensure the fields are in the best possible condition each year for those children who get to play on them each summer here in Williamsport, we decided it was necessary to completely resurface the fields at each of our stadiums. Last year we had the opportunity to resurface the field at Volunteer Stadium, and this year had the chance to give Lamade Stadium a fresh look.”




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