NewsState Realignment Plan Completes with Approval from Little League Charter Committee

October 1, 2020

The Florida Little League District Administrators Association Florida state realignment, originating back in 2016, has been finalized as the Little League Charter Committee approved the final plan.

As approved, Florida has reduced its number of districts from 27 to 23. Affected leagues have all been contacted and affected districts have begun to update their records and plans to accommodate their new leagues for the coming year. The boundaries of leagues that have been moved to another district remain unchanged for this move.

Effective October 1st, 2020, the following changes have been made for the 2021 season and beyond.

District 4 gains Pinecrest Little League.

District 6 gains Belmont Heights Little League

District 8 gains PAL of Hallandale Beach Little League and Plantation Little League

District 9 gains Bonita Springs Little League, Ft. Myers Beach Little League, and San Carlos Little League. Port Charlotte National Little League has been moved to 16.

District 10 gains Ft. Lauderdale Federal Little League

Districts 13 & 25 Combine. District 25 District Administrator Sue Carrigan moves forward as the DA for the newly merged District 13. District 13 now includes East Point Little League, Progress Village Little League, Antioch Little League, Dade City Little League, Land O’Lakes Little League, North Seminole Little League, Temple Terrace Little League, and Zephyrhills Little League.

District 14 gains Apopka Little League

District 16 gains Port Charlotte National Little League

District 18 gains Gulf Coast Little League, Greater Naples Little League, North Naples Little League, Golden Gate American Little League, Golden Gate Softball Little League, and Ave Maria Little League. Bonita Springs Little League, Ft. Myers Beach Little League, and San Carlos Little League have been moved to District 9.

District 19 gains Lake Mary Little League.

District 24 gains Maitland Little League and Oviedo Little League.

Districts 21, 23, 25, & 27 have been merged to other districts and are no longer in service. The current terms of each of the District Administrators effected were ending, thus no District Administrators were removed, the positions were removed as their terms expired. The remaining districts have extended a hand to these DA’s if they wish to continue their involvement with Little League Florida.

Section alignments are now as follows:

  1. Districts 1 & 20
  2. Districts 2, 7, & 17
  3. Districts 11, 19, & 22
  4. Districts 5, 13, & 26
  5. Districts 3, 4, 14, & 24
  6. Districts 9, 16, & 18
  7. Districts 6, 12, & 15
  8. Districts 8 & 10

This realignment was completed to further the Little League Baseball & Softball program in the state of Florida. As time moves forward leagues have changed, areas that once were empty fields are now houses, cities have grown, and the territories of districts have grown outdated. By consolidating some districts the FLDAA hopes to foster increased competition among our Little Leagues and to streamline our tournament process, resulting in better playtime and experiences for our players, as well as develop areas that were previously not serviced by the Little League Florida program. These changes are the start of a new era for Little League Florida with hopes to advance and grow an already great and exciting program.



The Florida District Administrators Association for Little League Baseball is the governing body for all Little League Baseball & Softball in the State of Florida. The FLDAA is made up of the 23 DA's from the 23 districts in Florida.


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