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Over the weekend of May 7th – 9th, 2021, the Jamboree will be held in Clearwater, FL, with games being hosted by Clearwater Little League and Florida District 15. One team from each of the Urban Initiative Little League programs in all of the Southeast Region states have been invited, HOWEVER, only the first 16 leagues to submit the participation form will be accepted.  The teams will be regular season teams of nine (9) to twelve (12) year-old players from the Majors Baseball division. The Jamboree will be a fun and competitive weekend of games, instruction, and other events to be announced, with the ultimate winner being crowned as the Urban Initiative Southeast Region Jamboree Champion for 2021. Participation in this event will come from a varied selection of communities participating in the Urban Initiative Program.

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In order to participate in the Jamboree your league must be chartered for the 2021 Little League season by April 1st, 2021, in compliance with all Little League Baseball Rules and Regulations, including but not limited to, Regulation I (c ) 8 Volunteer Applications/Background Checks 2. Your league’s participation in the Jamboree will be limited to one (1) Major Baseball regular season team of league age nine (9) to twelve (12) year-old players, maximum fifteen (15) players, one (1) manager, and two (2) coaches, registered in your program for the 2021 season. 3. Selection of the Regular season team that will participate in the Jamboree will be decided by your league’s board of directors. No tournament teams or combinations of regular season teams are allowed. Violation of this will result in removal from the Jamboree, and possible suspension of the league’s tournament privileges in the Little League International Tournament.

The 2021 Urban Initiative Jamboree is hosted by Clearwater Little League in Clearwater, FL.

Fields are located at:

Sid Lickton Complex

714 N Saturn Ave

Clearwater, FL 33755

The Little League Urban Initiative Program, Little League Florida, Florida District 15, and Clearwater Little League are pleased to say that lodging and meals are provided for the players of all UI Jamboree participants. All the leagues need to do is get the teams to the tournament.

Parents and spectators are responsible for their own accommodations.

Field Information

St. Augustine Little League Complex is located in St. Augustine, FL, just 10 minutes away from Anastasia State Park.
Clearwater Little League Sid Lickton Complex
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The 2021 Urban Initiative Jamboree is hosted by Clearwater Little League in St. Augustine, FL.

Fields are located at:

Sid Lickton Complex

714 N Saturn Ave.

Clearwater, FL 33755

Safety of the players, spectators and officials is our main concern at St.Johns County Recreation & Parks Department.

No weather event is more dangerous than lightning. Because of this threat, we have installed the Thorguard Lightning Prediction System.

This system can provide advance warning of a lightning hazard, allowing you the time to seek shelter. The system continually monitors and evaluates the electrostatic atmosphere and predicts the probability of a lightning hazard in the immediate area of our facility.

You will be alerted by one loud horn blast that will last 15seconds. Upon hearing the horns, everyone should seek shelter immediately. When this occurs, strobe lights located on the top of the horns will activate and remain active while under a weather alert.Every attempt should be made to seek shelter in a safe environment. The Thorguard system will determine when conditions are safe to return to your previous activities. Three 5-second blasts will indicate that everything is all clear and the strobe lights will cease operation.


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The Florida District Administrators Association for Little League Baseball is the governing body for all Little League Baseball & Softball in the State of Florida. The FLDAA is made up of the 23 DA's from the 23 districts in Florida.


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Updates for the 2022 Tournament information are currently underway! Please stay tuned!